And so this is what happens when I’m not writing

I’ve been struggling the last couple of weeks with some pieces of my plot not fitting together very well … or at all. I decided to take a break and focus my attention elsewhere in the hope that my subconscious will figure things out while I’m otherwise engaged.

However, I should know that when I choose to distract myself by venturing into the kitchen, the results are never pretty. I cook because I like to eat, not because I derive any artistic satisfaction from it. Preparing a meal is almost always the gateway to endless frustration and clean up. Even when I meticulously pre-plan every step to maximize efficiency in my small kitchen, it inevitably devolves into chaos.

The last kitchen disaster inspired me to film the aftermath of dinner preparations.

Click below to view it.






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  1. dian

    Susan, you are too funny!! I happen to know for a fact that you are an excellent cook!!!! Maybe a great cook has a messy kitchen? They often say a clean neat desk is the sign of an empty mind. Maybe a neat kitchen is the sign of a poor cook? Anyway, when you’re not cooking your kitchen is neat as a pin so that’s what counts, right? But it sure was a fun video to watch. Your frustration came out loud and clear. Toooo funny!

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