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SALEBLOG_optSome people are born for the sweet delight of sales, and some are born for the endless night of commissions unearned, raffle tickets unsold, and fund-raiser candy bars unsuccessfully unloaded. I belong to the latter group. In a movie from the early 90s, Glengarry Glen Ross, the uber-salesman portrayed by Alec Baldwin attempts to goad, intimidate and motivate a floundering group of salesman to close the deal on sites in a housing development. The mantra he urges on them is ABC: Always Be Closing.

In contrast, my mantra is:  DBA.  Don’t Bother Anybody.  Thus I am the worst book promoter ever. Dozens of articles and blogs written by encouraging, chatty, successful self-published authors exhort new writers to: post on Facebook; ask for reviews; use Twitter; set up a hashtag discussion; create a video book trailer; build a website; write a blog; use LinkedIn; try Pinterest; engage with other authors; set up guest posts on their blogs. All while you are writing your next book.

So far I have managed to set up a website, write an occasional blog that links to my Facebook page, and I have been known to beg for reviews. The rest is pretty much beyond my ken,  at least right now. I am as awkward about trying to sell my book as I was at trying to sell Holy Childhood Stamps to neighbors. Despite the fabulous prizes of books, rosaries, medals and plastic Virgin Mary statues, which I coveted as only fellow Catholic school alumni will understand, my sales numbers were pitiful, netting me at most, a consolation Holy Card.

And yet, promote my book I must. I have found a fairly painless method. A number of book sites designed to help showcase new ebooks for readers also offer their visitors the chance to opt-in to a daily email that notifies them about books in genres the reader likes. Most such sites require a fee from the author, as well as a deep discount to advertise a book on its email list. So this week, I’m promoting, yes, I said it, I’m promoting, Dangerous Habits in the Kindle format for .99.

If you haven’t read the book yet, or you know someone who might enjoy it, at less than $1, it’s not much of a risk. You can click here to go directly to the Amazon sales page.  Please pass the word. The sale lasts through March 8. Just remember my credo: Don’t Bother Anybody. And that is my Willie Loman hard-sell of the day, the week, and the month. At least.


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  1. Dian Frayser

    You are a GREAT salesperson. I am buying a Kindle copy of your book. AND I might even buy
    some more copies for gifts, etc. Good blog.

  2. Thanks Dian! Could I interest you in some Holy Childhood Christmas stamps? 😉

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