It’s finally done and for sale

Available Now!

Available Now!

Ok, finally and for real, the second book in the Leah Nash Mysteries series, Dangerous Mistakes, is live here on Amazon in Kindle format. The paperback version will be available on Amazon shortly. Here’s what the book is about.

It’s hard to find a killer, when no one believes there’s a crime

Reporter Leah Nash knows how to get answers. But when small town surgeon Garrett Whiting kills himself, there aren’t many questions. Except from his distraught daughter, who refuses to accept that he committed suicide. She begs Leah to uncover a murder no one else believes happened. Leah, a skeptical journalist with a weakness for lost causes, agrees.

 But as she investigates, leads evaporate, sources lie, and theories don’t pan out. Everyone she talks to is hiding something, and every turn she takes hits a dead end. Until a second death signals the killer’s first mistake, and Leah discovers there’s much more at stake than she realized. Racing to find answers in a maze of deception, Leah makes some mistakes of her own. Dangerous mistakes, that put her at risk and could prove fatal to someone she loves.

And now, a moment of shameless self-promotion: If you read and enjoy the second installment of Leah’s adventures, please post a review on Amazon, it really helps to generate interest in readers who are not, like you, my friends. If posting on Amazon is not something you’re comfortable with, please consider posting a comment on your own Facebook page to let your friends know that you read a new book they might like. Of course, if you don’t like it, let’s just keep that between us. And finally, feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested.

Now I hope you all go forth and read and enjoy Dangerous Mistakes. I’m going forth to get the third Leah Nash mystery underway.


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  1. Leaella Shirley

    Thanks! Just ordered it, and looking forward to reading it. I really enjoyed the first and am looking forward to reading the second. Thank you for pricing it affordably, so I didn’t have to hesitate.

  2. Dian Frayser

    I am thrilled that your book is out, but are you SURE you don’t want to take a vacation
    to the Caribbean or someplace before starting the next one? I’m on my way to Amazon to
    get a copy now!!! Congratulations!! A lot of hard work, but your reading public (which includes me) really appreciates the effort. LOVE your books. Keep them coming. Just rest in between.

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