Between the Idea and the Reality … Falls the Shadow.

newproject_1_original-e1515519360110.jpgThe header from this post is taken from “The Hollow Men,” and I use it because it so aptly describes the outcome of many of my creative visions. I have ideas, lots and lots of ideas, but bringing them to fruition is the challenge. Something always seems to go amiss.

This was brought home to me just today. As I hope you notice, you’re reading this post on a newly revamped Leah Nash Mysteries website. I launched it yesterday, feeling pretty pleased with myself after more than a month of tedious, painstaking, hair-pulling-out effort. Because, as usual when I leap into a project, I way underestimated what was involved and way overestimated my ability to achieve it while maintaining my sanity.

Even with the expertise of a professional and patient web designer (Matt Ogle of Ogle Computers, who deserves a shout-out for enduring with equanimity the many, many, many, texts, emails and phone calls and changes I subjected him to during the process), this was a major undertaking.

I knew I’d have to generate new content. No problem. I wrote an author Q&A, an interview with Leah Nash, new book descriptions, some Readers Circle promotional copy. I even managed to conquer my fear of short-story writing. Readers of the Leah Nash series know I tend to write long, not short. But I’m hoping to entice visitors to the website to sign up for my mailing list. So, I wanted to offer a free short story as an incentive. And I even managed to get that done.

The technical pieces–inserting new back pages and clickable links in all my books, generating four different files for each book to upload on the four different major ebook retailers (none of which accept files in exactly the same way), updating the sites where the books were advertised, it all got done. It all came together. Yay! The idea had been transformed into the reality. My vision was realized.

But no. The inevitable shadow that fell between my idea and my reality was that I accidentally uploaded a draft version of the short story, not the final edited copy. In addition to some typos, there was also a note to remind me to get a link from my web designer for the upload of the story.

It is not earth-shattering, I know. I hope the people who got the story before I uploaded the corrected version this afternoon are not too disconcerted to come across a misplaced comma or an unintended text note. But still. A mistake like that is the written word equivalent of giving a speech in front of a hundred people, only to discover after-the-fact that you had spinach on your front tooth. And yes, I have done something very similar to that, too. And I no doubt will again.

But even with all that, I’m pretty happy with the new website. And with the short story. I hope that the visitors who stop by are, too.


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  1. sue knarr

    I look forward to the short stories. Back in my college days that was the class we took..writing short stories. I have no idea how I came up with about 6 stories that semester. Magazine short stories were very much in style. Hemmingway, Jon Dos Pesos , etc. I still have some of the Esquire magazines with their stories. And the New Yorker always has put forth some good short stories.
    Your book 4 was great. Finished it one day, so I must have been held captive. Soo good luck with the short stories.

    • susanhunter

      Thanks, Sue. I’m glad you liked Dangerous Secrets. I think “Dangerous Dreams” will be the only short story for a while. I have to get going on book 5! Did you keep any of your short stories?

  2. Dian Frayser

    Really like your new website Susan, AND thanks for the two freebies. Haven’t had a chance to read them yet but looking forward to doing so. Know it was a lot of work, but I’d say, well worth the effort. Keep all the good stuff coming.

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