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This will be a short post, because I’ve been dealing with some technical issues this week. They’ve been almost frustrating enough to drive me to the kitchen to cook, which is rarely a good idea.

I know that some people cook for enjoyment, because the act of producing a delicious meal satisfies their creative impulses. For the most part, I cook because I, and those around me, eat. I can turn out an edible meal, but it is never about the presentation, and it is always about the chaos.

That no doubt has something to do with my propensity for plunging headlong into preventable moments—making those quick choices that result in long-lasting regret. In my desire to finish the cooking and commence the eating, I hustle around my very small kitchen, leaving cupboard doors open upon which I will later bump my head, and failing to close drawers into which I will ram my shin.  I don’t replace the caps on liquid ingredients, the better to knock them over and spill the contents. Quite often I grab a dish towel instead of a potholder to pick up a pan on the stove. Occasionally, the tail of the towel will float across the open flame, because I haven’t turned the burner off. Then make a mad dash to reach the faucet to put out the fire before I engulf the entire kitchen in flames. I do not seek chaos, but I consistently make micro decisions that result in mega turmoil.

I feel, dear readers, that it is time we take our relationship to the next level of trust. If you view the video below, you will see the raw, unvarnished truth of a rather shameful part of my life: the kitchen behind the writer. It was filmed almost four years ago, but, sadly, little has changed.





Let thy heart be merry …


And Another Thing …


  1. sue knarr

    Love the kitchen episode. Mother had a friend who catered dinners. We would get those wonderful dinners at times and I would then be
    sent the next day to return pans to “Mrs. Garrett”. Now here was a kitchen that had everything out, pans, cans, mixers and just about anything. I don’t know how she would even find a spot to prepare. The meals were wonderful, and whenever our kitchen would get out of control we would just say. Mrs. Garrett has been here.
    thanks for your kitchen visit

    • susanhunter

      Sue, I think Mrs. Garrett and I would have been soulmates. 😁

  2. Jim Hunter

    Thanks for the laugh you are way too hard on yourself as usual!

    • susanhunter

      Thanks for the sibling support, Jim. But I think the video speaks for itself. 🙂

  3. Janet

    Oh but how we love your yummy dinners! You have a new nick name…Mrs. Garrett

    • susanhunter

      Thanks, Janet. But it’s a lot to go through to get there!

  4. Dian Frayser

    Great blog as usual, but what Susan failed to mention is that she is a fantastic cook. Would eat in her kitchen any day!!!!

    • susanhunter

      Thanks, Dian. Though I’m really more of a serviceable cook than a fantastic one. For that you’d need to turn to my sister Barb.

  5. Mary

    On the floor laughing myself silly Susan. Hilarious narration, along with a PSTD attack as I too, run out of counter space and products in the kitchen.

    • susanhunter

      Oh, Mary, there are many fun activities for us to do together, but I fear cooking is not one of them.

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