I’m glad you found your way to my website. My name is Susan Hunter and I’m the author of the Leah Nash Mysteries series, which to date consists of three books, Dangerous Habits, Dangerous  Mistakes, and Dangerous Places. I’m hard at work on the fourth volume in the series, scheduled for publication in Fall 2017.

As a charter member of Introverts International (which meets the 12th of Never at an undisclosed location), I’m not very comfortable writing about myself so I’ll keep the bio brief.

My work and personal life have always revolved around words. I’ve been a reporter and managing editor at a small daily paper. I’ve also taught composition, written advertising copy, radio ads, newsletters, press releases, speeches, Web copy, academic research, reports, analyses and memos. Lots and lots of memos. I live in rural Michigan with my husband Gary, who is a man of action, not words.

I post a blog here about every two weeks, sometimes a little more frequently, sometimes a little less. I write about writing sometimes, or about the particular book I’m working on, but a lot of the time I write about things I’ve read, or seen, or puzzled about. I hope you’ll sign up to receive notification when a new post is up, or just occasionally stop by to check them out.

You can also visit the Facebook page for Leah Nash Mysteries. And you can always email me directly at susanhunter@leahnashmysteries.com.   If you have comments, questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you.


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