1. The setting of Dangerous Habits is a small town in Wisconsin. Is that important to the story? Why or why not?

2. The book is written in the first person, so the reader sees everything though Leah’s eyes. Does Leah’s view of other characters affect the way you feel about them?

3. Leah is “equal parts smart and smartass.” How do these character traits motivate Leah through the story? Is she motivated by one more than the other?

4. What aspects of a mystery—setting, dialogue, characters, conflict, point of view, plot twists—are most important to you? Which aspects did you like most in Dangerous Habits?

5. Which plot twists were most unexpected? How did they change your suspicions of who was guilty?

6. Did you learn something from the book that you didn’t know before? What?

7. Leah is quick to pass judgment, yet she seems to have no trouble forgiving Max, and keeping his secret. Why?

8. If it’s true that we’re known by the company we keep, what does Leah’s choice of friends say about her? Who is she drawn to and why? What does this say about Leah’s values?