What are some of the dangerous places Leah goes to in this mystery? Do you think the title is intended literally or metaphorically—or both?

Leah’s relationship with Detective Charlie Ross seems to undergo a change. Is it due to changes in Charlie, in Leah, or in Leah’s perceptions—or all three?

Leah is a flawed character with both admirable and exasperating traits. In what ways have her life experiences contributed to the persona she presents to the world? Which characteristics do you admire, and which should she work to improve?

Leah refers to Coop as her best friend. Is their relationship believable to you? Do you think it’s possible for men and women to really be friends?

Leah is good at making connections, seeing the patterns that link ideas and information together. Is she as good at that in her personal life as she is in her professional one? How much is she aware of her own feelings and motivations?

Leah’s mother doesn’t like the fact that her daughter has re-engaged in what appears to be a serious relationship with her ex-husband Nick. Is she right to express her reservations, and in fact, do you think her opinion is correct?

Maternal love is a thread running through the story, and each mother makes choices that have an impact on the outcome of the story. Do you approve of the choices? Why or why not?

Leah is shattered to discover the secret her mother has been keeping. Is her reaction over-the-top, given all the love and support her mother has always given her, or is it understandable, given the trust Carol has betrayed?

Rebecca is a character with few, if any, redeeming characteristics—yet Coop is very taken with her. Is Coop infatuated because of the inexplicable chemistry of attraction? Or are readers getting a skewed vision of Rebecca filtered through Leah’s biases?

How important is the Leah/Miguel dynamic to the story? What qualities does Miguel bring to their friendship that Leah lacks? Do you have a close friend who complements your strengths and weaknesses?

How might the discoveries Leah makes about her father change her view of him, and possibly change her as well?

At what point in the book did you have the plot figured out? Were there any red herrings that led you astray? Did you recognize all the clues as you read them?