Online Dating Can Be Murder.

A week that starts out with a woman’s dead body in the living room is not going to end well. Writer Leah Nash learns this truth when her friend Miguel arrives home on a Sunday night, only to discover that his weekend renter has failed to checkout—at least in the usual sense of the word. By Wednesday, Miguel’s uncle is arrested for murder.

The victim is the owner of SweetMeets, a website for sugar daddies in search of college-age sugar babies. Police investigators uncover an eye-witness who saw Miguel’s uncle at the scene, they find his fingerprints on the murder weapon, and they dig up a connection to the victim that he was anxious to keep buried.

But Miguel’s uncle isn’t the only resident of small-town Himmel, Wisconsin with something to hide. As Leah and Miguel hunt for the real killer, they’re faced with half-truths and outright lies from local citizens desperate to keep their own secrets buried. When Leah discovers the killer’s true identity things come together in a tense climax that tests her courage and reveals that she’s been keeping a few things secret from herself.

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What Readers Are Saying …

 “I could not stop reading until I finished the book.”
“The book held my interest from page one until the end.”
“I’ve loved all the Leah Nash books, but I think this latest, Book 4, is the best so far.”
“Great mystery/thriller with suspense, twists and turns.”